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All Products: "I'm a huge fan of all of the Bush Dreams Spice Rubs. They make my life and my customers lives so much easier to menu their proteins. Not only do they create a unique flavor, they also provide a nice barrier to seal in meat juice. I love to use the pepperberry and watch my guest's eyes light up when they taste it and say... "wow what is that". All of the flavor combination from Bush Dreams are a "Dream...."

Bobby Kenny, Culinary Specialist
Sysco Albany

"Lemon Myrtle either straight or in the blend complimented perfectly a seared Scallop! As a seasoning for tuna Salad it proved to be a wonderful refreshing alternative to the usually simple Tuna salad made by most. The cost per serving to take these items to another level really was just cents per order and it elevated the dish to craveable!"

Shannon Newman. Corporate Chef Sysco
West Coast Florida

All Products: "I LOVE these rubs! We use them on our chicken, we make dips, we sprinkle the Pepperberry rub on our homemade pita chips, on pan seared scallops, and the Forestberry Chipolte is wonderful sprinkled on top of scalloped potatoes...Great job on blending these rubs, so unique and flavourful!"

Vicki Three Steps Up Coffee House

All Products: "Great Products! Makes for a consistent and easy application every time. Love the Lemon Myrtle Thai on chicken thighs, makes an out of this world skewer - rave reviews every time!"

Kelly B

Pepperberry Rub: I cook Pork ribs with the rub to give them a unique flavor profile. The Sugar in the blend carmelizes nicely and the flavors dance on the moist fatty ribs. I also feature a Tazmanian Pork chop seared with the rub.

Shannon Newman, Corporate Chef. Sysco
West Coast Florida

All Products: I have tried all 5 Bush Dream rubs and can honestly say that they are the BEST on the market today. From seafood to beef to chicken, you can find at least one rub that enhances and awakens the taste of the food, I even use them in egg dishes! Thanks and keep up the good work.


Pepperberry Rub: Our whole family loves the Pepperberry Rub mixed in with barbacue sauce on any kind of meat. It's fabulous!

Susan B.

PepperBerry Rub 500g: "This is the only rub that we now use on any meat products that we barb-a-que. Without doubt, this is the best rub we have ever used."


Lemon Myrtle Rub 500g Lemon myrtle is a fanominal rub, i put it all over my chicken, fish, sea food and soups. It adds an exquisite flavour to almost anthing. It is quite like an amazing lemon pepper.


Pepperberry Rub500g Pepperberry rub is one of the best rubs i've ever used. I have put it on steaks, chicken, pork, fries, and even onto my eggs and rice dishes.


All Products I've tried lots of spices , but these are the best Ive had and the most versatile... I use the pepperberry on everything!!!


Sauce Applications I really enjoy how you can mix these spices with other sauces to create a new taste... on chicken etc...My fave is the Pepperberry Rub




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