Recipe Ideas

Question: Why does a Big Mac taste like a Big Mac? Most people answer “It is the special sauce.”  But is the seasoning in the sauce that makes the sauce so special. Yes.. use our rubs vertically on proteins, vegetables and starches… but also use them horizontally into sauces and liquids - Millions of ways to create amazing sauces and applications for your clients!

Bush Dreams rubs are highly concentrated (no fillers) and full of flavor – use half the rub and get twice the flavor of conventional spice. The following are just a few ideas for using these rubs. Application costs are $.03 to $.12

Pepperberry Rub:
Rub a teaspoon on a filet of salmon, halibut, mahi mahi, catfish, trout or snapper and bake.  Mix with mayonnaise for an Aussie mayo on a wrap.  Mix with butter as a steak topping.  This rub is excellent on pork, steak, roasts of any kind, ribs, chicken, turkey, and wild game like bison, venison or wild boar.  It is also excellent on fries which make some awesome Aussie fries.  This rub is also great on deep fried Chicken wings….Mix with Béarnaise or hollandaise sauce for a steak topping or a great eggs Benedict.  Try on roasted potatoes and home fries.

Lemon Myrtle Rub:
Rub on shrimp or scallops and sauté with butter or grill for Shrimp on the Barbie.  Excellent when added to vegetable puree soups.  The rub is great with chicken, white fish, and pork as well.

Lemon Myrtle Thai Mix:
Rub on bland fish like tilapia or ocean perch and pan sear and bake off.  Try mixing one tablespoon of half and half cream with one tablespoon of mix, heat and sauté a portion of vegetables... excellent. Makes a consistent Aussie Thai blend with 6 parts coconut milk or light cream that can be added to many fish and chicken dishes. Excellent dusted on wings.

Orange Mountain Rub:
This new rub blends the flavor of an orange grove, with garlic and ginger, finishing with the back end heat of the Mountain pepper from Australia. Excellent on many types of fish then baked.  Use with pork, chicken, shrimp and scallops. Blend into soups and sauces. Mix with honey BBQ sauce or Mustard BBQ sauce  4-1 for wings and ribs.

Forestberry Chipotle Rub:
This new flavor combines the gentle fruit explosion of forestberry from Australia with the warmth of a sweetened chipotle rub. Excellent on red meat, fish, chicken, wings and scallops. Try mixing 5 parts Honey BBQ sauce with one part of this rub for an outstanding Aussie rib and wing sauce. Outstanding Mussels... mix 1tbspn. Mix with teaspoon of butter and 1oz of white sambucca... steam the mussels…Mix with mayo to make a great sandwich. Great in sauces. Dust on fries...

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