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Allow me to introduce myself…my name is John Byberg. I live just east of Toronto, Canada in a Town called Whitby with my family of 6.

John Byberg

I began my working career as an Institutional stockbroker in Toronto covering Mutual fund managers in Canada. After twelve years,  I became numb by the greed in the business and wanted to try something new. I quit in February in 2001 and took 5 months off with my family. I knew I wanted to do something more passionate in my life.

I knew a gentleman who had started a unique spice company importing Native Australian spices into Canada and blending them into rubs. The company’s name was Bush Dreams. I suggested a casual fine dining bistro would be a great venue to exploit the spices with every day North American Fare. In November of 2001 Pepperberries Bistro, in the village of Brooklin, Ontario, opened its doors.

In the seven years we have been in business we have gained broad knowledge on each of our spices and blends. This allows me to focus on the sales of our spices in North America. Many people have asked me “Why Australian Spices”? Firstly, I can tell you that most of the top end chefs I have met in North America, never knew Australian spices existed. Secondly, did you know that North America imported 56 Million liters of Australian wines into NA 10 years ago, and this year that number tops 1 Billion. I believe there is a huge “Love In” for anything Australian in North America. Up until know, chef and cooks never had the ability to put a truly Australian twist on their menus. Now they can with our rubs and pure spices. We have grown annually by 150% over the last four years, and would like to continue that growth with your help.


Best of Days and Think Aussie,

Yours truly,

John Byberg
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